James O'Flaherty

James is a former US Marine Captain who has held numerous leadership billets throughout multiple combat deployments to the Middle East. Since transitioning to the civilian world, James has gained experience in the franchising, technology and consulting industries.


Imposter At Arms

Every veteran eventually faces the same thing: the day they leave military service and venture into the civilian world to start the next chapter of their life. This is an exciting and uncertain period in a veteran’s life, where they’re thrown into the wild “real” world with only the skills they’ve honed as a servicemember. …

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The Interdependent Nature of Culture and Process

It may not be intuitive to link something that is perceived to be as nebulous and qualitative as company culture to a quantitative, very nuts-and-bolts concept like internal business process. Surprisingly, these two concepts are much more interdependent than what meets the eye. Internal business process is dependent on the thoughts, beliefs, norms, and behaviors …

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