Areas of Expertise

Gotham Government Services (GGS) is a consulting firm providing government and business clients with solutions and services in: workforce development, strategic planning, change management, program management, exercise support, and executive and management education. As a recognized leader in our field, we have worked with clients in government, academia, and private organizations to address their critical needs and meet their goals for the future.  


We work with clients across all levels of government and industry to develop comprehensive plans to address their needs while taking into account the interagency coordination necessary to achieve the highest results.

GGS’ experience in Strategic and Operational Planning includes:

Federal Concept Plans

GGS provided senior interagency planners to operate as part of an Integrated Planning Team responsible for the development of Federal Plans. The planning effort focused across the spectrum of homeland security operations. and addressed complex catastrophic disasters including terrorist use of nuclear devices, and radiological dispersal devices.

Joint Campaign Plan development

GGS developed a national Joint Campaign Plan (JCP) to assist a client in developing a coordinated, systematic approach to achieving its goals and objectives for national support to domestic operations.

Program Development

Through a comprehensive understanding of clients’ operational needs and requirements, GGS develops programs that are well defined and focused on achieving determined goals and objectives. Our commitment to quality assurance and quality control combined with our expertise in requirements validation ensures clients achieve reliability in their products and services.

Federal Doctrine and Publications Management System

GGS worked with a Federal agency client to develop an infrastructure for establishing a doctrine and publication system across the emergency management enterprise. The GGS project team conducted assessments that focused on internal operations, organizational effectiveness, and public-private best practices in publication management and development.

Joint Interagency Training and Education Center

GGS supported a state client in the following program development areas:

  1. Advising and assisting with the development of relationships and processes that support the use an interagency training and education center and a center for national response by Federal, State, and local first-responders;
  2. Assisting with the development of documentation to support Federal agencies with critical infrastructure protection assessments and training; and
  3. Developing associations that enhance the training and education center and prominence in the homeland security response and training community.


Hazards, natural and manmade, are an unfortunate reality in today’s world. GGS’ priority is enabling our clients to limit the human and collateral damage and return to normal operating procedures as quickly as possible. Our customers benefit from our expertise in scenario and hazard-based planning, risk mitigation, stakeholder coordination, and emergency operations technology integration.

Hurricane Recovery Operations

GGS’ interagency coordination, planning, and analysis team supported the needs of a commission on disaster recovery and economic renewal on the heels of a major hurricane. The goal of the commission was to represent affected stakeholders in the region and thereby ensure support their rebuilding efforts. The GGS team developed standard operating procedures and any necessary guidelines for the conduct of the commission; facilitated public meetings; and developed and coordinated strategies and implementing plans for the recovery and economic renewal efforts for the affected areas.


GGS, a recognized and experienced leader in doctrine development, brings the experience and knowledge of national and agency-specific doctrine to assist our clients in their pursuit of defining principles for preparedness and mission operations.

GGS’ experience in Doctrine Development includes:

National Strategy

GGS supported the development of a national preparedness strategy composed of a national doctrine for domestic preparedness, transformation of the homeland security community, and risk mitigation and consequence management.

Operations Doctrine

GGS authored multiple operations and regulations manuals in support of national homeland security initiatives. The manuals include law enforcement mission support, incident handbooks and operational guidance.


GGS works with Federal, State, and local clients to improve situational awareness, efficiencies, strategies, and plans for border operations. Our customers benefit from our depth of experience developing and working border security programs to counter drug and human trafficking and other border related crimes.

GGS’ experience in Border Security Planning and Operations includes:

US-Mexico Border Security

GGS was commissioned to improve border security strategy and operations along the U.S. – Mexico border through the development of an epicenter for security operations. The objective of the operational center is to plan, coordinate, implement, and evaluate interagency border security operations to counter the threat of organized crime, terrorism, and the flow of contraband and human trafficking to foster a secure border region.  GGS provided interagency operational planning and information support for border security operations as well as developed plans to integrate a variety of communications systems, technologies, and databases into an interoperable system to facilitate Federal, State, and local interagency operations – to include the development of a reliable and easy-to-use common operational picture (COP) for all law enforcement agencies committed to border operations.


Requirements determination is essential for achieving quality, long-lasting solutions. GGS’ teams of experts work side-by-side with clients through the development process to achieve verifiable requirements necessary to accomplish their goals and objectives.