VBA Case Study

Call center worker accompanied by her team. Smiling customer support operator at work. Young employee working with a headset.

Gotham Government Services Enables the Veterans Benefits Administration to Better Serve Our Active-Duty Military and Veterans


Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) is currently 26,000 employees strong. 80% of the staff are directly focused on the mission of providing benefits to our Veterans and the other 20% fall into support roles and administrative-type activities. They review medical claim information, process educational program claims, and make benefits determinations. In order to fulfill these critical services, VBA employees need to have specialized experience and an up-to-date understanding of the VA/VBA-offered programs and benefits. 

Client Need:

One of the challenges faced by the Office of Human Capital Services (HCS) and their Training Management and Performance Improvement (TMPI) division at the VBA, is the requirement to continuously hire, train, and retain a qualified workforce capable of providing a high level of support. The VBA understands the importance of investing in employees, supporting employee’s professional development, keeping employees engaged in the mission, and encouraging employees to make a career with VBA or VA. In order to be successful, the workforce must have a clear understanding of the myriad of VBA programs, changing regulations, and the benefits that they are helping Veterans obtain. Gotham Government Services (GGS), partners with HCS/TMPI to deliver the analysis, assessment, and training products VBA requires to maintain a high-performing technical workforce.


GGS’ flexible and dynamic team of Instructional Systems Designers and Human Performance Professionals was contracted to help the VBA/HCS/TMPI address known training needs and to discover emerging needs as the benefits and services to Veterans evolve. GGS serves as a learning and development “force multiplier” working in collaboration for HCS/TMPI to identify, develop, and deliver learning solutions that enable VBA employees to better serve our Veterans. Using the full range of the Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate (ADDIE) methodology, GGS has completed 45 distinct projects, met 1000+ milestones, and delivered 500 products in the last year alone. Some examples include: 

  • Job/Task Analysis – GGS performs comprehensive examination of the VBA workplace, identifies the knowledge/skills/abilities required for desired levels of job performance; creates competency matrices; and validates training content to pinpoint areas for improvement and enhance the training experience.
  • Rapid/Just-in-Time Training – GGS develops monthly required employee training that produces a rapid response to a performance problem. GGS then assesses the training scores to evaluate understanding of concepts, and if appropriate, devises a plan to address any identified learning/performance gaps.
  • Long-Term Development – GGS works with Subject Matter Experts from VBA business lines to develop new training products to address emergent priorities and needs.
  • Life Cycle Maintenance – GGS is constantly revising and updating existing VBA training products due to issues like regulatory change, technology change, and social change


The VBA is dedicated to developing and implementing world-class training programs to support business excellence and growing leaders from within. Providing training opportunities helps to retain highly skilled and experienced employees. The VBA also recognizes the importance of investing in its employees in a way that supports the mission to care for our Veterans. GGS is a partner in the process of providing training opportunities for employees and continually looking for and implementing program improvements.