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We offer a wide range of courses tailored to the unique needs of government organizations. By combining high-quality, research-based approaches with a deep understanding of the government sector, we can equip your workforce with Core, Elective, and Foundational courses.

  • Core Courses: Leadership and management development essentials needed for each career milestone.
  • Elective Courses: Content to give you the specialty skills needed for your specific work environment.
  • Foundational Courses: Basic business and professional skills to get you off to a solid start, or address specific gaps.

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Culture Mosaic Survey Introductory Package (Limited Time)

Survey up to 300 employees, receive a report and leadership debrief for $2000.
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Your organization may be struggling with challenges and performance issues and no one is sure why.

Achieving and sustaining a high level of performance is dependent on a variety of key behaviors across an organization.

gothamCulture's proprietary Culture Mosaic Survey is comprised of four dimensions of organizational culture and climate that impact performance: Inspire, Deliver, Enable, and Adapt. This survey can help clarify strengths and weaknesses within an organization and provide actionable data to make lasting change.

Purchase our limited time Introductory Culture Mosaic Survey Package and receive:

One Culture Mosaic survey link for up to 300 employees. Link will be active for two weeks from deployment date. Survey demographic data will include: Role, Gender, Ethnicity, Education, Age, and Tenure.

One sample employee communication with survey link embedded.

One Custom report detailing survey results.

1-hour leadership debrief via phone or Teams.

Click here for more information about the Culture Mosaic Survey.

Click here to view a sample report.

Is your organization looking for a more customized and comprehensive assessment? Click here to schedule a meeting with Chris to discuss your options.

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