Strategic Planning and Wargaming

Soldier in glasses of virtual reality.  The concept of the future.

GGS offers robust defense consulting solutions to clients by providing capacity and expertise for joint conceptualization, planning, and analysis at the most strategic levels.

Our support services include:

Joint Strategic Planning

GGS teams support the development of conceptual Battlefield Development Plans (BDPs) through a grouping of teams designed to concentrate on individual geographic areas.

Concept of Operations Experimentation

GGS applies this forward-looking process to develop and evaluate new concepts of future military capability. This helps our clients test the validity of the concept before committing extensive resources.

Conceptual Writing

GGS consultants are experts at executive writing - methodically reporting on successes, challenges, and outcomes of exercises.

Battlefield Development Analysis

GGS supports the Army Futures Command (AFC), Futures and Concepts Center (FCC) through the development of conceptual Battlefield Development Plans (BDPs) which enable the US Army to plan for future force requirements against near-peer threats.

Exercise Wargaming

GGS helps to define and execute tabletop exercises to validate the Battlefield Development Plans (BPD) plays and explore the impact of battlefield innovations. Our teams also conduct refinement of the (BDP) plays, based on knowledge and information obtained from Table Top Exercises (TTXs).