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Session Description

Defining and enhancing personal brand. This skill becomes especially important in the virtual setting and mostly matrix reporting environment.

Our personal brand is quite significant for our success. Whether you are working for a company or you own your own, it is important to recognize this fact, and be mindful about how we are unconsciously branding ourselves.

This course is designed to support the individuals understand the importance of the personal brand is for the advancement of the careers/business; how our behavior contributes to personal brand and how they can consciously enhance it.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of what personal branding is, what contributes to our brand, and how one can consciously develop and enhance their personal brand.


  • Lecture
  • Self-reflection and awareness
  • Individual and group exercises to develop and start expressing one’s own authentic brand.
  • Post session survey for participants to utilize as they continue to build their brand.

Target Audience

  • Leaders at all levels

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