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As a key part of an agency’s talent management strategy, employee training focuses on improving performance by developing knowledge, skills, and abilities in ways that align with strategic goals. GGS offers a wide variety of skills enhancement training ranging from 2-hour classes to 8-day intensive workshops. Whether you would prefer virtual delivery or in-person at your location, you will find the training that is right for your team.


Grow Your Social & Emotional Intelligence

2 hours Live online
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Session Description

The Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP) measures 26 competencies identified as critical in socially and emotionally intelligent individual, team, and organizations. Using a four-quadrant model, participants can identify areas of strength and improvement.

This session provides detailed descriptions of emotionally and socially intelligent behaviors when present and when lacking, as well as extensive suggestions for development that will improve workplace results.

Learning Objectives

  • Learning the four-quadrant model and ways to frame EQ versus social intelligence
  • Discovering what areas to focus on greater results
  • Understanding specific tools to use in personal growth and development


  • Self-assessment
  • Individual reflection

Target Audience

  • Leaders of all levels
  • Staff of all levels

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