Influencing, Collaborative Leadership, and Win-Win Negotiation Skills

4 or 8 hours Live online or 4 or 8 hours In-person
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Session Description

In the heat of the moment, best intentions to create better outcomes dissipate and often negotiations suffer from the individual’s fears of losing. In order to create calmer and more strategic negotiation environment there needs to be a planning, inquiry and understanding process take place.

This course teaches participants to implement and execute such process.

Learning Objectives

  • Mindfulness exercise to understand one’s nature in the presence of fear
  • Breaking the habits of fear-driven behavior
  • Exercises on approaching the negotiation with strategy


  • Lecture
  • Individual’s awareness on their negotiation style
  • Group exercise on specific case scenarios on how to approach the negotiation for win-win

Target Audience

  • Leaders at all levels
  • High-potential individual contributors
  • Project/Program managers

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