Lean/Six Sigma – Light Tool Package

16 or 24 hours Live online
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Session Description

Lean/Six Sigma Methodologies are comprehensive effectiveness and excellence approaches that requires in depth training to implement fully. Often companies make mistake to separate their projects as Lean/Six Sigma projects rather than implementing the methodology and thinking style as part of the company culture.

This course is designed to offer how to take simplified tools of these comprehensive methodologies and create effective operational efficiency culture.

It is recommended that the participants come to this course with a specific project in mind so that they can start utilizing these tools in the learning environment for their projects.

Learning Objectives

  • Give an overview of most supportive and utilized Lean/Six Sigma Tools
  • Utilize built in practices to have participants understand and start using these tools
  • Create a strategy on how to build an efficiency culture within the organization


  • Lecture
  • Individual and group exercises
  • Strategic Implementation Plan

Target Audience

  • Supervisory to mid-level leaders
  • High-potential individual contributors
  • 20 participants

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