Leverage for Leaders Management Coaching Program

3×8 = 24 hours In-person
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Session Description

The LFL Coach Training Program is designed to take the skills you already have, and integrate them using a specific methodology, to support you in being able to elicit the most creative ideas from others. Whether you are working with you team, or your clients, you will know what to do to empower others to bring their best selves to the table.

Participant Limits – Due to the intensive nature of this process, participation is limited to 4 – 12 students per cohort

Learning Objectives

  • Eliciting the most creative solutions to challenges within your team
  • Empowering others around you to step up and take initiative
  • Increasing the productivity of your team and company
  • Communicating in a way that inspires others
  • Being a leader who is respected and admired
  • Connecting with others and understanding them in a powerful way


  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator – self-assessment
  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Group activities
  • Individual activities

Target Audience

  • Leaders at all levels
  • High-potential individual contributors
  • Project/Program managers

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