Manager as Coach

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The demands of today’s manager are varied and the skill sets are multiple. The manager who holds a coaching mindset and possesses basic coaching skills is at a great advantage in terms of developing people and maximizing individual performance.

Manager as Coach allows the manager to use this skill at the appropriate times to engage in ongoing development of direct reports. The approach is simple, easy to use and guaranteed to create measurable impact.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify coaching opportunities in work as a supervisor/manager
  • Understand the coaching process and its value to effective management
  • Determine personal coaching style, strengths and opportunities to improve
  • Apply questioning techniques that motivate others
  • Create opportunities for coaching to occur
  • Develop a coaching mindset and build inquiry skills that can facilitate future development
  • Practice skills in listening, building actions, and measuring outcomes
  • Develop skills in challenging people to stretch and change
  • Learn communication and coaching skills to defuse volatile situations
  • Learn when to manage, when to coach


  • Small group exercises
  • Self-reflection
  • Role plays

Target Audience

  • Leaders at all levels
  • Project/Program managers

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