Organizational Reinvention: Maximizing Human Creative Potential and Contribution in Your Workplace

4 hours Live online
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Session Description

Organizational Reinvention refers to a globally emergent management model that maximizes individual contribution and team productivity. The operational goal is to liberate the latent creative power of human beings in the marketplace in such a way that personal, professional and organizational development are parts of the same self-generating continuum.

This program is for organizational change-agents whose vision for the future includes reinventing their approach to management: managers, supervisors, and executives – or any contributor wanting to maximize their leadership impact.

Learning Objectives

  • Experience this phenomenon by taking a close look at 3 companies who have operationalized these ideas to consider how to develop these practices yourself.
  • Understand 6 principles these vanguard companies employ: Ownership, Markets, Meritocracy, Community, Openness, Experimentation
  • Apply 2-3 principles and define with precision how to begin to validate these ideas through “safe to fail”, disciplined experiments.


  • Self-assessment
  • Lecture
  • Small and large group discussion
  • Reflection and planning

Target Audience

  • Supervisory to mid-level leaders
  • High-potential individual contributors

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