Understanding, Embracing & Resolving Conflict

3-4 hours Live online
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Session Description

Group members don’t always get along well. Even in the most high-functioning group, one person may trigger another and the energy in the room may shift from good-vibes-all-around to defensiveness and hostility. These seemingly counterproductive dynamics are learning opportunities to be embraced. Leaders and managers who are able to understand and resolve conflict are better able to deepen connection and grow.

In this fundamental training, participants learn the five basic causes of conflict, intragroup conflict, and intergroup conflict and how to navigate them to foster stronger teams and move work forward.

Learning Objectives

  • Define and identify examples of transference, countertransference and triggers
  • Understand various types of bias that sustain group conflict
  • Distinguish and identify the causes of task, process, and personal conflict
  • Explore how fairness and justice can be used to better understand group conflict
  • Examine competition, power and domination, aggression, social norms, ingroup loyalty and outgroup hostility
  • Learn three conflict resolution methods that work


  • Individual Reflection
  • Lecture
  • Small-Group Exercises
  • Small- & Large-Group Discussion

Target Audience

  • Leaders at all levels
  • High-potential individual contributors
  • Project/program managers

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