A Story of Comair’s Historic Change

An article published in the Ascend magazine, a publication created by and for airline executives, features the story of Comair Limited’s historic transition from a disintegrated technology platform to a customized technology system created by Sabre Airline Solutions, tailored to the airline’s specific needs. The Journey: Operation Crossover highlights gothamCulture’s guidance around commonly overlooked aspects of change management, including leadership development and employee participation in supporting the change.

To ensure the success of a system-wide technology change, Comair Limited engaged gothamCulture to surface resisting forces within the airline’s culture that could stall or stop change in the process. After a thorough analysis of cultural factors, gothamCulture designed a change management plan to ensure successful change implementation. Relying on employee engagement strategies and involving internal change agents created the buy-in necessary to ensure the airline’s “soft” side would support its change in hardware.

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