Appropriation Law Refresher Training (1-day)

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Course Description

The Appropriation Law Refresher training is designed for acquisition professionals to reinforce their understanding of federal appropriation laws and their application in the procurement process. Aligned with the FAC-C continuous learning requirements, the course will cover key principles, recent updates, and best practices to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards. Participants will engage in interactive lectures, discussions, and practical exercises to refresh their knowledge and enhance their ability to apply appropriation law effectively in their roles.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the foundational principles of federal appropriation law.
  • Stay updated on recent changes and developments in appropriation law.
  • Ensure compliance with appropriation laws in the procurement process.
  • Identify and address common appropriation law issues and challenges.
  • Apply appropriation law principles through practical exercises and case studies.

This training course will ensure that acquisition professionals are well-versed in the principles of federal appropriation law, equipped to handle appropriation issues effectively, and committed to maintaining compliance with legal standards in their procurement activities.

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