CON170 Fundamentals of Cost & Price Analysis

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Fundamentals of Cost and Price Analysis (CON 170) is a resident Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Level I contracting course for newly hired GS-1102 contracting personnel. This course provides foundational knowledge of contract cost and price analysis. Specifically, the course provides training in applying quantitative tools to accomplish cost and price analysis in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), the DFARS Procedures, Guidance and Information (PGI), and the Contract Pricing Reference Guide (CPRG).

The course begins with an in-depth review of the Market Research process, and provides instruction to help students understand and analyze contractor pricing strategies. Students will learn to accomplish Cost-Volume-Profit analysis, calculate contribution margin estimates, and develop cost estimating relationships in order to accomplish an effective price analysis pursuant to FAR Subpart 15.4. The course provides an overview regarding the regulations and processes regarding the use of cost analysis, and for requiring certified cost and pricing data. Finally, after learning the basic elements of price and cost analysis, students will build and defend a pre-negotiation objective, including a minimum and maximum pricing objective with a Weighted Guidelines assessment. Students are also provided in-depth instruction on contract financing techniques, including the development and administration of progress payments based on cost and performance based payments. Students will become proficient with the use of the PBP Analysis Tool.

Course Length: 8 Class Days
CLPs: 76 hours
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Students who successfully complete this AMCI equivalent course will be able to:
  • Demonstrate ability to execute quantitative pricing skills.
  • Given an acquisition situation, successfully distinguish various seller pricing strategies.
  • Describe the Truth in Negotiations Act, including its purpose in mitigating government cost risk.
  • Identify the policies and procedures for applying the Cost Accounting Standards Board (CASB) rules and regulations to negotiated contracts and subcontracts. (FAR Part 30, DFARS Part 230 and 48 CFR 9903.3).
  • Identify the contract cost principles and procedures. (FAR Part 31 and DFARS Part 231).
  • Given a contracting requirement and market research tools, recognize the essential elements of a market research report.
  • Given acquisition situations, determine an appropriate contracting strategy, including the contract type and other incentives.
  • Given a contracting scenario, differentiate among financing arrangements, their order of preference, and the situations for use.
  • Accurately differentiate between price and cost analysis.
  • Pursuant to FAR 15.4, accurately differentiate the price analysis techniques.
  • Given a contracting scenario examine price-related factors.
  • Pursuant to FAR 15.4, accurately perform proposal analysis.
  • Assuming an advisory role in evaluating acquisition proposals, successfully summarize the contractor business systems that must be found compliant for the award and payment of government contracts.
  • Given an acquisition situation, successfully differentiate between direct and indirect costs.
  • Assuming an advisory role in evaluating acquisition proposals, successfully summarize the evaluation of direct material and subcontract costs.
  • Assuming an advisory role in evaluating acquisition proposals, successfully summarize the evaluation of indirect costs.
  • Given a proposal evaluation scenario, demonstrate ability to calculate Facilities Capital Cost of Money (FCCOM).
  • Given a proposal evaluation scenario, demonstrate ability to employ the Weighted Guidelines (WGL) for calculating negotiation profit objectives.
  • Given a scenario, demonstrate ability to complete a Settlement Action relating to Defective Pricing.
  • Use professional negotiation tactics to successfully execute face to face negotiations.

Target Audience

New hires to the Contracting Career Field (Civilian OCC Series 1102).

  • Required: CON 090, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Fundamentals (Only required if assigned to the Contracting Career Field); CON 127, Contract Management; CLC 057, Performance Based Payments and Value of Cash Flow CLC 058, Introduction to Contract Pricing
  • Recommended: CLC 024,Basic Math Refresher Pre-course Assignments:
    The course “welcome message” will provide students with a “math refresher” book and self-assessment test. The purpose of these materials is to enable students to refresh their basic math skills and take a self-test before attending the course. The welcome message will encourage students to take the self-assessment, and consider deferring their attendance in the course if they have difficulty with the math refresher material.

Questions? Contact our training coordinator via email or phone at (202) 843.5447.

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