COR Level I: Contracting Officer Representative (COR) Training

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Contracting Officer Representative (COR) Training

Course Length: 3 days (24 CLPs)

Course Purpose

This COR certification course focuses on the newest directions of government acquisition including performance-based contracts, risk management, quality assessment plans and effective contract administration for results-oriented contracts. Participants will be provided with the required information necessary for most DOD and federal civilian agency certifications. More importantly, participants will gain an understanding of the statutory and procedural requirements, the acquisition process and their role, determination of appropriate contract types, and the process for performance evaluations. Material presented is in accordance with the administrator of OFPP’s memorandum addressing the requirements for federal acquisition certification for CORs.

Target Audience

All members of the Integrated Acquisition Team responsible for oversight of, and reporting on, contractor’s performance.

Course Objectives

• Ensure that non-contracting personnel (excluding the GS-1100 series) assigned duties as Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs), Task Administrator, Cognizant Technical Officer (CTO), Quality Assurance Evaluator (QAE), or other contractor oversight positions are fully aware of their specific responsibilities.

• Provide the required training on responsibilities and limitations of authority for these personnel in headquarters and field activities.

• Inform engineering/technical personnel of the complex and challenging responsibilities of contracting personnel (GS-1100 series) in carrying out the “law of the land” as embodied in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

• Provide non-contracting personnel a basic understanding of the statutory and procedural requirements of the FAR.

• Emphasize the importance of teamwork between the technical/engineering community and the contracting community in order to effectively conduct the contracting process.

• Raise the level of awareness among non-contracting personnel regarding their value and importance in the contracting process.

Course Outline

Overview of the Federal Government Acquisition Process

Legislation, Regulations and Policies

Understanding Federal Government Contracts and Contracting

The Contracting Officer and the COR – Legal and Ethical Roles

Duties and Responsibilities of the COR in Prescriptive and Performance-Based Environments

Delinquencies and Disputes

Contract Financial Management

Contract Close-Out

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