Early-Career Retirement Planning (0-5 years of Government service)

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Course Description

Federal benefits are complicated. This Early-Career Seminar for New Employees informs attendees about the complex array of benefits available to them as Federal employees and the choices they need to make to best leverage them within the context of their overall financial and retirement plan.

Course Objectives

After attending this seminar, attendees will understand when they eligible to retire, what their retirement benefits are likely to be (FERS, Social Security, and TSP), the importance of the TSP toward their retirement and be equipped with sound investment strategies for best leveraging what TSP has to offer. They will understand the choices they will need to make regarding survivor benefits, their health (FEHB) and life insurance (FEGLI) coverages, and their TSP funds, and how their Federal employee benefits fit within the overall construct of a financial plan.

Course Overview

This seminar for new and returning employees includes lessons addressing the Federal retirement and benefits programs and how these benefits fit within the overall frame work of a personal financial plan. The seminar will specifically focus on Federal retirement benefits and how they can be affected by the financial decisions attendees are making now and in the future.

Questions? Contact our training coordinator via email or phone at (202) 843.5447.

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