Emotional Intelligence

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Course Purpose

Today’s fast pace and high rate of change require different skills for survival and success. Higher stress levels require better handling abilities. Mentoring relationships are particularly essential in times like these. Expertise in a particular field plays a lesser role, while internal qualities like resilience, initiative, optimism, and adaptability are taking on new value. The purpose of this course is to acquaint the participants with the principles of emotional intelligence, help them to assess their own abilities, and guide them to heightened awareness of ways to grow in these abilities.


The rules are changing. Success used to be measured by what we knew, or how smart we were. But today it’s how we handle ourselves and our relationships. These are the thoughts of Daniel Goleman, Harvard researcher and author of the best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence, published by Bantam in the late 90’s. Contrasted with the traditional Intelligence Quotient (IQ) emotional intelligence is largely learned and continues to develop as we go through life, learning from our experiences.

Target Audience

All personnel

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Course Length – 1 Day
Classroom Hours: 8 hours or .8 CEUs
Cost: $6,000.00
  • Introduce principles of emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Help students assess their own level of EI
  • Teach value of growth in management of self and relationship with others within the EI framework
  • Introduction to principles of emotional intelligence
  • Self management
    • Self awareness
    • Self regulation
    • Self motivation
  • Social management
    • Empathy
    • Reading Others and Perceiving Accurately
    • Focused Listening
    • Communicating with flexibility and authenticity
  • This course is very interactive with minimum of lecture. It is based upon industry standards for adult learning methods.

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