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FCN 4034: Appropriations Law Seminar

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Appropriations Law Seminar 4 Days, 32 CLPs

Discover how to steward federally appointed funds correctly in order to remain compliant with appropriations law requirements and avoid serious repercussions. By exploring the Government Accountability Office (GAO) Principles of Federal Appropriations Law (the Red Book), Volume I and part of Volume II, you will learn about the availability of federally appropriated funds. You’ll delve into the three pillars—purpose, time, and amount—and will learn to apply the principles to avoid Antideficiency Act violations.

Who Takes This Course: This course is designed for everyone who deals with money in the Federal government, including budget analysts, accountants, auditors, contracting officers, program managers, government purchase card holders and approving managers, and attorneys.

Course Format: Lecture, group discussion, case studies, and exam.

Learning Objectives

• Identify and apply the basic concepts and principles of appropriations law

• Determine the correct course of action when funds need to be reprogrammed or transferred or when laws are in conflict or unclear

• Determine the legal availability of appropriations based on purpose, applying the Purpose Law and Necessary Expense Doctrine

• Determine the legal availability of appropriations based on time, applying the Bona Fide Needs Rule

• Determine the legal availability of appropriations based on amount, avoiding violations of the Antideficiency Act (ADA)

• Identify what constitutes a legal obligation and its impact on appropriations law principles

• Describe the unique considerations for a continuing resolution

• Identify the terms under which accountable officials may be granted relief from financial responsibility

Course Topics

Introduction and Legal Framework

• The Constitutional Power of the Purse

• Statutory Interpretation

• Appropriations and Related Terminology

• More Guidance from the Red Book

• Module Capstone: Case Studies for Introduction and Legal Framework

Appropriations Available as to Purpose: Red Book Chapter 3

• The Purpose Law

• Step 1—Logical Relationship

• Step 2—Expenditure Must Not Be Prohibited

• Step 3—Expenditure Not Provided for in Another Appropriation

Appropriations Available as to Time: Red Book Chapter 5

• Time Rules

• Contracts and Time

• Severable and Nonseverable Services

• Module Capstone: Case Studies for Appropriations Available as to Time

Appropriations Available as to Amount: Red Book Chapter 6

• The Antideficiency Act

• Most Prone to ADA Violations

• Methods to Prevent Violations

• Additional Laws

• Module Capstone: Case Studies for Appropriations Available as to Amount

Other Appropriations Law Issues

• Contracts and Obligations

• Use of Interagency Reimbursable Orders

• Special Considerations for a Continuing Resolution or a Lapse in Appropriation

• Accountable Officers

• Module Capstone: Case Studies for Other Appropriations Law Issues

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