How to Have Difficult Conversations

2-hours Virtual or In-person
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How do I even begin this conversation? What if I say something that damages our relationship? Some topics are tough to talk about at work, but you and your team’s ability to accomplish your goals and maintain a high level of mutual respect and trust sometimes require difficult discussions. This session helps learners get into the right frame of mind, prepare for the tough talks, and ensure that a constructive outcome remains in focus.

Up to 30 students

  • Virtual Classes will be a live, Instructor lead class in Zoom for Government, a virtual technical assistant VTA will be available to assist students with any technical issues, take roll, administer evaluations, and distribute certificates of completion. Course materials will be provided electronically.
  • Onsite classes will be held at your location. The instructor will travel to you. Materials will be printed and shipped to your site. A sign-up sheet will be provided for student to enter their name (as they want it on their certificate) and the email address to send the certificate to. GSA travel costs will be added to the course fee. Contact us for a travel estimate.
  • A minimum of 2 weeks lead time is needed for virtual classes, 3 weeks for onsite classes.

Questions? Contact our training coordinator via email or phone at (202) 843.5447.

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