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As a key part of an agency’s talent management strategy, employee training focuses on improving performance by developing knowledge, skills, and abilities in ways that align with strategic goals. GGS offers a wide variety of skills enhancement training ranging from 2-hour classes to 8-day intensive workshops. Whether you would prefer virtual delivery or in-person at your location, you will find the training that is right for your team.


Leadership Development: Capacity Building

8 hours In-person
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Session Description

Most leadership trainings focus on acquisition of leadership competencies rather than an increase in actual leadership capacity. Leadership capacity is the ability to think and act more effectively in times of increasing VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) and rapid change. See this short summary for more details on this vital but little-understood distinction: Leadership Development is About Capacity, Not Just Competencies ( or this longer article for a deeper dive into this topic : Leadership Development — It’s About Capacity, Not Just Competencies | by Clear Impact Consulting Group | Medium.

Learning Objectives
  • Understanding and increase leadership capacity
  • Understanding what is needed to successfully integrate new learning
  • Understanding the concept of developmental stages
  • Understanding the difference between leadership competencies and capacity
  • Understand, with with, and apply this particular map of Levels of Development In-Action
  • Identifying each participant’s likely current level of functioning, and some capacity-building activities and reflections that can increase that level of functioning


  • Levels of Development-in-Action
  • Capacity-building Approaches

Target Audience

  • Leaders and employees at all levels but particularly more senior/executive levels.

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