Psychological Safety: Un-Managing your Team to Increase Ownership and Innovation

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Session Description

Psychological Safety defines a shift in managerial mindset and skillset that increases trust, safety and inclusion. This shift unleashes the creative potential of your team by neutralizing the single biggest constraint to that potential — fear. Often our unconscious, negative patterns of communication and behavior as leaders have a distinct and immediate impact on those around us. Those messages then become amplified by organizational culture.

The result is that people do not feel it is safe to bring their whole self to the job. You may have their hands, and some of their heads, but they are reluctant to give you their heart. An enormous amount of productivity, ownership and innovation are lost when that happens.

Learning Objectives

This program is for leaders in an organization who want their teams to out-perform. Participants will learn the measurable tax an unsafe environment extracts from their organizations, and the mindsets and behaviors that increase safety and productivity. They will gain insights and ideas for action around 4 dimensions:

1.Inclusion Safety
2.Learner Safety
3.Contributor Safety
4.Challenger Safety

Participants will leave with a practical set of tools to apply to model and coach inclusive behavior, and to create thriving workplaces.


  • Self-assessment
  • Case study analysis
  • Role-play
  • Lecture with interactive discussion

Target Audience

  • Supervisory to mid-level leaders
  • High-potential individual contributors
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