Retirement Planning for CSRS or FERS or CSRS/FERS Combined

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Course Description

Retiring from a Federal career is a confusing time and can be a daunting task. Retirement in general is a significant transition for anyone. The Retirement Planning Seminar for CSRS, FERS or combined, is designed for employees nearing retirement (within 5 years) and informs attendees about the complex array of benefits they have earned, the choices they need to make as they retire, and how to best leverage them within the context of their overall financial and retirement plan.

Course Objectives

After attending this seminar, attendees will understand the basic financial planning concepts pertinent to retirement as a Federal employee. They will understand the overall Federal retirement process and know when they become eligible to retire, which provisions of retirement law affect the computation of their retirement benefits, how much those benefits are likely to be (CSRS or FERS, Social Security, and TSP), what choices they will need to make regarding survivor benefits, their health (FEHB) and life insurance (FEGLI) coverages, and their TSP funds.

Course Overview

This Retirement seminar, for either CSRS/CSRS Offset or FERS employees, begins by establishing the basic financial planning concepts necessary for a successful retirement, and reinforces these concepts in succeeding lessons on history and financing of the Federal retirement programs, eligibility requirements, and benefit computations. It also thoroughly covers survivor benefits, social security, and the Thrift Savings Plan, and well as all of the Federal employee insurance programs. Woven among and supporting these lessons are applicable modules on financial and retirement planning, investing and related topics. The seminar is also designed to effectively convey key points and answer questions on a wide range of topics that cover basic retirement eligibility and benefits, and touch on the emotional and psychological aspects of retirement. The seminar will focus on Federal retirement benefits and the impact of financial decisions on those benefits after retirement.

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