Separating or Early-Out Federal Employees

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Working careers have changed in America in that many people no longer pursue a single career working in the same business or for a single employer. Many people now have a work life comprised of several careers in a range of businesses, working for numerous employers, of which Federal service will be a portion. Understanding Federal benefits in this new environment and the implications of leaving Federal service before their normal retirement age are now issues many workers must address. This seminar for Separating or Early-Out Employees explores the decisions employees need to make as they consider leaving Federal service, or accepting early retirement offers, or experiencing discontinued service retirement.

Course Objectives

After attending this seminar, attendees will understand the basic vesting and eligibility rules for FERS retirement benefits and the TSP, the implications of taking a refund of FERS contributions, moving their TSP funds to an outside retirement plan, and accepting an offer for early retirement or retiring under the discontinued service provisions of FERS.

Course Overview

This seminar for Separating or Early-Out Employees includes lessons addressing the Federal retirement and benefits programs and how these benefits fit within the overall framework of a personal financial plan. The seminar will specifically focus on Federal retirement benefits and how they can be affected by the financial decisions attendees are making now and in the future.

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