5 Strategies to Maintain Employee Engagement Through Turbulent Times

4 hours Live online
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Session Description:

Now, more than ever, leaders need to develop skills to help themselves and their teams effectively cope with uncertainty. Amidst turbulent times organizations call upon employees not just to carry on, but to remain engaged and highly productive.

This practical online workshop will allow you to reflect and compare notes on your biggest challenges, as leaders – from maintaining morale and motivation in remote environment to managing impossible workloads. It will give a practical set of tools (particularly relevant in a virtual or hybrid set up) to apply with your direct reports to maintain trust and productivity under constantly changing organizational conditions. It will help you to model and facilitate productive behaviors despite environmental uncertainty and turbulence

Learning Objectives:

  • Remain engaged and highly productive during the turbulent times
  • Strategize for current or anticipated changes
  • identify and manage resistance
  • Acquire a practical set of tools to apply with their direct reports to maintain trust and productivity


  • Mini-lecture with relevant examples
  • Interactive exercises
  • Individual reflection
  • Small group discussions
  • Application & action planning

Target Audience:

  • Leaders of organizations, departments, units, volunteer teams
  • Anyone with direct report(s)
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