Group Decision Making

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Session Description

Decision making is not exclusive to an organization board or a team of executive and senior leaders. Group members at all levels of an organization make decisions and each one has a say – even if they don’t realize it. In this leadership development workshop, participants will leverage their experience and prior training to identify and begin solving problems that undermine the effectiveness of decision making in groups.

As a first step, they’ll receive simple tools to sharpen their equity and inclusion lens. Then, together, participants will determine how the tools will be used to improve engagement levels among leaders and contributors during decision making.

Learning Objectives
  • Examine the processes that help or harm collective decision making and consider which ones may be operating within the organization
  • Know the symptoms and causes of groupthink and three ways to prevent it
  • Co-create decision-making principles and practices tailored to the organization and prepare to apply them to upcoming projects or initiatives
  • Analyze a workable 4-step model for group decision making and make optional adaptations based on the organization’s culture and realities


  • Individual Reflection
  • Lecture; Small-Group Exercises
  • Small-& Large-Group Discussion

Target Audience

  • Leaders at all levels
  • High-potential individual contributors
  • Project/program managers

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