Managing a Diverse Workforce

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Session Description

Today’s organizations recognize the demand for a diverse workforce and the benefits of inclusive approaches to getting things done. The challenge: if diversity and inclusion (D&I) are not understood clearly and managed effectively, unintended harm can be created. That harm often leads to mistrust, resistance, silos, limited employee engagement, high turnover, and other consequences that can impact the health of an organization. In this fundamental training, participants define diversity and inclusion and what they mean for their organization. Then, they explore how to leverage D&I in their leadership and management practice so that individuals and teams can bring the full range of their capabilities and perform at higher levels.

Learning Objectives
  • Examine the range of diversity that currently exists in the organization and what’s required right now to manage it well
  • Collect tools to facilitate open, transparent conversation
  • Understand how to foster creativity among individuals and teams
  • Explore ways to collect and leverage a insights to inform decision making, solicit buy-in, and ensure task ownership for new processes and initiatives
  • Individual Reflection
  • Lecture
  • Small-Group Exercises
  • Small- & Large-Group Discussion

Target Audience

  • Leaders at all levels
  • High-potential individual contributors
  • Project/program managers

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