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As a key part of an agency’s talent management strategy, employee training focuses on improving performance by developing knowledge, skills, and abilities in ways that align with strategic goals. GGS offers a wide variety of skills enhancement training ranging from 2-hour classes to 8-day intensive workshops. Whether you would prefer virtual delivery or in-person at your location, you will find the training that is right for your team.

Your Leadership Legacy

2 hours Live online or 4 hours In-person
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Session Description

What do you hope people will say about your leadership at the end of your career? We rarely ask this question, but beginning with the end in mind is the best way to ensure that end is one we’re proud of. This course will help you understand that value of crafting a leadership legacy now so you can build toward it for the remainder of your career.

You will begin this journey and seek feedback from peers and our team to make sure the path you walk will be the best version of your leadership you can offer the world.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the value of your leadership legacy
  • Begin your leadership legacy journey
  • Understand a 6-step process for creating your leadership legacy
  • Lecture
  • Discussion

Target Audience

  • Mid- to senior-level leaders
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