Motivation at Scale

2 hours Live online or 4 hours In-Person
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Session Description

When you were a manager it was hard enough to motivate individuals. As a senior leader you must now see motivation at a systemic level. Is it possible to drive engagement and motivate people at scale? It starts by assessing your organization’s current motivational state and learning what levers you can pull to move the needle.

The course will teach you how to recognize burnout, disengagement, and systemic entropy, while helping you plan ways you can right the ship and ignite passion and purpose in your people.

Learning Objectives
  • Understanding the symptoms of systemic demotivation and how to diagnose their root causes
  • Understanding what options are available to you to reignite passion for your organization
  • Building an action plan to improve culture and revive motivation and purpose across your organization


  • Lecture
  • Discussion

Target Audience

  • Senior Leaders

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