Our 7 Best Organizational Culture and Leadership Articles So Far

best organizational culture articles

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Our team of organizational culture consultants at gothamCulture love helping our clients reach their goals. But, we also know that not everyone understands where culture and leadership development fit into their current strategy.

Through our blog, we aim to educate, entertain, inform and inspire leaders like you as you begin to understand the critical importance of organizational culture in driving the performance you desire.

And over the past year, we’ve been writing a lot. Below you’ll find our 7 most popular blog posts of the year so far. We hope the articles here serve as a spark that ignites the change you need to reach your goals.

1. Time for a Change? Consider Company Culture in 2015

2015 culture change

No matter what last year means to your organization, 2015 is a brand new year, and for most companies, it means an opportunity to do things differently. You may be wondering how to reignite the flame that drove your business in the very beginning. Maybe you need that one big change that’s going to excite your team to succeed in the New Year.

Before you make any major changes to the surface of your business, like an office makeover, or a change to employee benefits, make sure it’s in the best interests of your underlying culture. Read More

2. 5 Ways to Align Your Organizational Strategy and Culture

align strategy and culture

Understanding, and more importantly, developing a high-performing culture allows you to build and achieve your strategic objectives. A well defined, established corporate culture will provide the framework for your organizational development and strategic planning. Allow this culture to guide your planning process.

Though there is no single, perfect, cookie cutter method to ensure that your culture and organizational strategy align, there are some critical pieces that should be considered. Read More

3. How Can My Company Increase Employee Engagement?

increase employee engagement

Some of the most inspiring leaders today recognize that employees are at the heart of their business. As JW Marriott said, “If you take care of your people, your people will take care of your customers, and your business will take care of itself.” You’ve probably heard this before. The challenging part is getting past that theory and effectively engaging your team members in a way that drives your organization’s success. Read More

4. Redefining Business As Usual: An Introduction to Orghacking

redefine business orghacking

In recent years, the term “hacking” has grown in popularity, especially “growth hacking” within the marketing field.  Growth hacking involves using analytics to target specific consumer groups, test which messages are successful in driving viewership, and scale the most effective strategies.

This process can also be applied to implement organizational change, hence I’d like to term this alternative approach “orghacking.” Read More

5. Engaging Gen Y: Employees Are Thinking Far Beyond the Cubicle

employee engagement gen y

There’s no doubt that today’s business landscape is changing rapidly. Now is the time for organizations to consider changing their culture to support their younger team members, or risk losing them to the more forward-thinking competition.

With that in mind, below are 3 key considerations for building a company culture that engages and supports the millennial generation. Read More

6. Why Great Leaders Must Tell Better Stories

leadership storytelling

When I work inside an organization, I pay particular attention to the stories that are being told, and it doesn’t take long to pick up on things.

Each of those stories has a place, and tells a message – either of a corporate value being applied or being ignored, about the future of the organization, its past, or the leaders. Sometimes those stories serve the organization well, and other times they don’t.

Either way, stories are the DNA of culture, and they have great power to alter it. Read More

7. Budget For Culture: How Investing In Your Team Drives Results

budget for culture

As a leader, every decision you make shapes your organizational culture, and when it comes to budgeting your limited resources, these decisions send powerful messages to your people about what’s most important. After all, money doesn’t just talk — it shouts your priorities through a bullhorn. You have to make budgeting decisions that drive your business’s strategy and goals. But too often, the technical aspects of your strategy are prioritized over the most important facet of your organization’s long-term performance: the people. Read More

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