Brian Glaser Speaks at Milano’s Consultants’ Studio

As an alumnus of Milano, Brian Glaser will be speaking with about 60 Milano graduate students about his experiences starting and running gothamCulture.

Making the leap from OD practitioner to running a global consulting firm is both thrilling and challenging. Since 2006, gothamCulture has built a reputation for helping iconic organizations improve performance through the lens of culture and leadership. But the road hasn’t always been easy. With rapid growth, gothamCulture has navigated a series of complex economic downturns, strived to recruit and retain top talent, and has had to remain adaptable in order to meet the demands of the changing landscape.

Brian will discuss:

  • Building a consulting practice
  • The dynamic tensions that are associated with making the leap from practitioner to business leader
  • Lessons learned from the road
  • How to strike the balance between delivering exceptional value to discerning clients and managing the myriad of internal business challenges that a growing consulting firm faces