Building High Performing Teams

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Session Description:

Often companies utilize measurement tools to profile their employees, and nothing comes further out of that. Teams are built by the accomplishments of the individuals not necessarily based on their strengths to create strong and well-dispersed team. Furthermore, group or department leaders assign individuals to the deliverables based on their titles not necessarily what they are good at.

This revolutionary approach supports the leaders to create strength based deliverable assignment to their teams and organizations. It is recommended that the leader of the organization has also a few strategy design coaching sessions to get the best outcome out of this training prior to the course day.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase awareness of the significance of effective collaborative environment and utilizing the authentic strengths of the team members for the success of the team/department
  • Understanding and appreciating the strengths of the self and others
  • Seeking to create diversified teams for success


  • Using MRG IDI Teams or Gallup Strengthsfinder to create a team’s strength profile
  • Discuss the highlights of the measurement tool with the team in a lecture style and explore one example
  • Partner up the participants to study each other’s profile and then share in a group setting
  • Have a group learning and insight discussion
  • Create a strategy to walk away from the session on how to utilize team’s strengths moving forward

Target Audience:

  • Leaders at all levels
  • High-potential individual contributors
  • Project Program Managers
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