The Power of Voice: How Silencing Impacts Female Leaders and Ways Both Men and Women Can Respond

1.5 hours Live online
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Live online – 1.5 hours

The silenced female leader is a paradox as leadership implies a sense of voice and efficacy. Leaders need to communicate their purpose and vision to enlist followers. This can hardly be done without language, yet research suggests that there are many women sitting in executive and senior-leader roles feeling silenced. This course covers the phenomenon of silencing while highlighting key original research findings; it also reviews strategies successful women have used to recover and lead with voice currency.
The impact of feeling silenced can hit someone like a virus, which requires a higher level of awareness. Voice recovery relies on two essential solutions – first, the ability to focus on the phenomenon and essence of feeling silenced and the act of framing it as a virus. Second, there are strategies to heal and develop a resiliency that requires a shift in focus.
Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how feeling silenced derails careers
  • Understand the three ways women are silenced in their roles
  • Mitigate the viral effects of silencing and combat the female leader opt-out
  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Participants will engage in self-reflection and group discussion

Target Audience

  • Leaders and employees at all levels
  • High-potential individual contributors
  • Project/Program managers
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