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Discover Your Signature Talents with the StrengthsFinder

2-4 Hours Live online or In-person
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Product Details

Session Description

The StrengthsFinder assessment is a tool that is designed to allow individuals to discover their signature talents—natural ways of thinking, believing or feeling that are innate to each of us. We all possess talents in different degrees, and by leveraging our talents with knowledge, skill, and partnerships, we’re able to turn talents into strengths. Using our strengths in our day-to-day working life directly contributes to a more productive work experience and a better team environment. This session is designed to introduce the individual to their signature talents and how they impact their performance, learn the talents of their peers and how they can work together to drive results.
Learning Objectives
  • Learn personal strengths
  • Understand how to leverage your strengths in your work and with your team
  • Develop an action plan to take this knowledge into your day-to-day activities


  • Self-assessment
  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Participants will engage in individual and group activities, such as self-reflection, table group discussions

Target Audience

  • Leaders and employees at all levels

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