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Presentation and Briefing Skills

2-Days Virtual or In-person
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Today’s quick-paced and fluid work environment can mean fast and frequently unexpected organizational changes, greater responsibilities, and new projects and initiatives. Being a confident, polished speaker is not only necessary, but well advised to communicate such matters effectively and persuasively. This workshop offers presentation tips and strategies to help you develop your presentation skills and learn how to present your ideas with conviction, control, and poise—and without fear. You’ll gain the specific presentation skills and direction you need to become comfortable with your own style. And you’ll receive expert advice on how to handle especially challenging situations.

Who Should Attend
Everyone who needs to develop their presentation skills, speak in front of groups, or sell ideas to others. Anyone with little or no presentation experience, as well as more experienced presentations looking to brush-up on their skills and fine tune their presentation style.

What You Will Learn
After this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Tailor presentations to their diverse audiences
  • Use relaxation techniques to overcome nervousness
  • Expertly handle difficult questions and situations
  • Communicate with clarity and conviction
  • Gain confidence in their presentation skills
Course Outline

Balancing Verbal and Nonverbal Messages
  • Practice nonverbal impact skills to reduce nervousness and to engage the attention of your listeners
  • Make your content clearer and more memorable
Developing and Organizing Presentation Content
  • Create an audience profile and set presentation parameters
  • Condense a speech outline into notes you can speak from
Preparing to Give the Presentation
  • Get expert presentation tips on rehearsing, adhering to a time frame and speaking from notes
  • Reduce stress and speaker’s anxiety
Using Visual Aids and Support Materials
  • Describe the purpose of visual aids and support materials
  • Identify tips for effective composition of visual content and speaker aids
Handling Questions from the Audience
  • Explain the importance of the question-and-answer session
  • Respond professionally to questions from the audience
Managing the Presentation Environment
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of different room setups
  • Be able to anticipate, avoid and handle equipment problems

Up to 30 students

  • Virtual Classes will be a live, Instructor lead class in Zoom for Government, a virtual technical assistant VTA will be available to assist students with any technical issues, take roll, administer evaluations, and distribute certificates of completion. Course materials will be provided electronically.
  • Onsite classes will be held at your location. The instructor will travel to you. Materials will be printed and shipped to your site. A sign-up sheet will be provided for student to enter their name (as they want it on their certificate) and the email address to send the certificate to. GSA travel costs will be added to the course fee. Contact us for a travel estimate.
  • A minimum of 2 weeks lead time is needed for virtual classes, 3 weeks for onsite classes.

Questions? Contact our training coordinator via email or phone at (202) 843.5447.

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