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Motivating Employees

1-Day Virtual or In-person
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Motivating employees to achieve their potential and keeping them motivated and tuned into the organization’s goals are significant challenges for businesses. Managers depend on their workers. Without motivation, there is no change, no learning, no action, and no results.

This workshop offers practical techniques, strategies, and exercises for managers to help them motivate unmotivated employees and to maintain higher levels of motivation with everyone else. This workshop allows participants to find out what really motivates themselves and others at work, how to create an atmosphere that pulls up employees rather than pushing them down, and how to identify what people really need and give rewards that meet workers’ unique needs. Once workers feel confident that their employer and their workplace are what they had desired and expected, they are ready to contribute above and beyond “the call to duty.”

Who Should Attend
Anyone in management or anyone who is being prepared for management positions who is responsible for overseeing the performance of others at work.

You Will Learn
After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Avoid the ten commandments of motivational failure
  • Clear up common myths about how to motivate people
  • Give rewards that meet people’s needs
  • Use “the little things” that people typically take for granted to motivate
  • Understand the difference between things that help workers want to do better and things that simply keep them on the job
  • Watch the choices workers make to better understand what motivates them
  • Align people’s rewards with their individual needs
  • Motivate the motivator

Course Outline

Introduction to Motivation
  • Defining motivation
  • Clearing up common myths about employee motivation
  • The 10 Basic Principles required for Motivation
Assessing Motivation Levels
  • Motivation self-assessment
  • Signs & symptoms of a motivated and an unmotivated employee
  • Separating symptoms from root causes

What Impacts Motivation

  • Hierarchy of basic and typical employee needs
  • Understanding the organization’s personality
How to Detect What Motivates Individual Employees
  • Getting inside the individual without surgery
  • How to support employees to motivate themselves at work

Up to 30 students

  • Virtual Classes will be a live, Instructor lead class in Zoom for Government, a virtual technical assistant VTA will be available to assist students with any technical issues, take roll, administer evaluations, and distribute certificates of completion. Course materials will be provided electronically.
  • Onsite classes will be held at your location. The instructor will travel to you. Materials will be printed and shipped to your site. A sign-up sheet will be provided for student to enter their name (as they want it on their certificate) and the email address to send the certificate to. GSA travel costs will be added to the course fee. Contact us for a travel estimate.
  • A minimum of 2 weeks lead time is needed for virtual classes, 3 weeks for onsite classes.

Questions? Contact our training coordinator via email or phone at (202) 843.5447.

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