Performance Management

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Performance management reflects a changing emphasis, away from command-and-control toward a facilitative model of management. Performance managers and their employees are being asked increasingly to move beyond traditional, narrowly defined job descriptions to support team objectives and goals. This workshop is designed to help participants more effectively make and reinforce this transition.

The ability to coordinate the performance of others at work is a key management task. This workshop is designed to help managers develop a process for getting colleagues to take on new or additional tasks and for constructively monitoring and adjusting their subsequent performance of those tasks.

Who Should Attend
Anyone in management or anyone who is being prepared for management positions who is responsible for overseeing the performance of others at work.

You Will Learn
After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Define performance management and its relationship to setting performance objectives and meeting performance standards
  • Outline the benefits of performance management
  • Work collaboratively with employees to address performance issues
  • Discuss job performance with employees, provide feedback on strengths and needed improvements, and create performance plans
  • Assess what is influencing employee performance
Workshop Outline

Performance Management Overview
  • Creating a collaborative approach to performance
  • Performance management pitfalls and benefits
Planning Performance
  • Setting standards for performance and performance objectives
  • How to communicate task parameters with employees
  • How managers and their direct reports create a shared understanding of work objectives
  • How to involve employees in performance planning
  • How to identify obstacles to performance
  • How to create a set of shared and supportive expectations for performance
Managing Performance
  • Monitoring employee performance
  • Where and how to document performance
  • How to assess the data
  • Using data to assess performance gaps, either exceeding or not meeting standards and expectations

Up to 30 students

  • Virtual Classes will be a live, Instructor lead class in Zoom for Government, a virtual technical assistant VTA will be available to assist students with any technical issues, take roll, administer evaluations, and distribute certificates of completion. Course materials will be provided electronically.
  • Onsite classes will be held at your location. The instructor will travel to you. Materials will be printed and shipped to your site. A sign-up sheet will be provided for student to enter their name (as they want it on their certificate) and the email address to send the certificate to. GSA travel costs will be added to the course fee. Contact us for a travel estimate.
  • A minimum of 2 weeks lead time is needed for virtual classes, 3 weeks for onsite classes.

Questions? Contact our training coordinator via email or phone at (202) 843.5447.

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